The Master Manifester's
...created by Becoming Abundantly YOU!

Isn't it time you embraced what your life could be?

We have created a program to help people who are aspiring to create more abundance in all areas of their life. We walk our members through a unique 7-step process, to introduce and adopt the Law Of Attraction principles and teachings into their daily lives in a simple, dynamic, holistic way that inspires them to take their lives to the next level.



Our membership community and program is changing lives all over the world in a holistic and sustainable way. Whether that be through creating greater confidence, opportunity exploration, relationship building or any other mechanism. We help people develop the rock solid certainty that they can manifest the highest vision of what they feel is a successful life! What could joining our program do for you?

Imagine a life where you are fully aligned with your authentic self so that you can create...

  • More Financial Success
  • More Personal Fulfillment
  • More Confidence & Self-Love
  • Deeper, lasting Relationships & Connections
  • A more profound spiritual life
  • A life of deeper Purpose & Passion
  • and so much more...

What would living a holistically aligned lifestyle look like for you?

Really explore this thought. What is a holistically aligned life? It's where your goals and desires feel completely achievable -- no more self-sabotage or feelings of unworthiness. You'll be able to see yourself the way you have always dreamed. You'll be able to embrace new opportunities and have total confidence in yourself when you hear yourself say, "This is what I want, and nothing can stop me."

We created this unique program based off of our decades of experience as life coaches and Law Of Attraction practitioners who have helped people reach that state. We wanted to create a place for people just like you to explore and implement these strategies & techniques. Realistically this is an advanced framework for living a greater life. It's a way of thinking, living and being like you've never experienced before.

Let's talk about resources you get access to in our program. These resources will help you not just attempt but complete this journey...

  • The Master Manifester's Path Online Membership & Course
  • The Love Mindset Course (Coming March 15th)
  • The Money Mindset Course (Coming March 15th)
  • Over 8 Hours of on-demand content
  • Over 100 pages of aligned workbook material
  • Weekly Group Coaching live stream with Certified coaches Anthea Morphitis and Dr. Christina Winsey on incorporating Law Of Attraction Principles into your life
  • Access to our Private community of success-minded people for support, expression and advice along your journey
  • Special monthly "member only" events and recordings of past events
  • And so much more...

All for a fraction of the cost of our Private Coaching programs. At only $147.99 a month (or the cost of a Starbucks a day) we've priced this program so that everyone can join.


Anthea Morphitis Mindset Coach, Certified LOA Wealth Coach & Author

Anthea is a Mental performance Coach who is certified in Belief Clearing, Ho'oponopono, Law of Attraction and LOA Wealth systems. Anthea is focused on inspiring people all over the globe to access their inner strength and awaken to their true potential!

Anthea found her passion in the Coaching and Personal Development industry after having experienced a series of setbacks, trials and tribulations in her own personal life. As a single mother facing all of the trials comes with it, she was forced to search for the answers she needed in her life. During that journey she was exposed to the book ‘The Secret’ as well as principles from the Law of Attraction. As her journey through the personal growth world continued she found herself doing the deep work, the things others talked about but never did, the road less traveled. Through this lens of clarity and self evaluation everything in her life crystallized into a new way of thinking and living. Because of the training and soul searching she went through she was able to take her experiences and create a more positive narrative. Her increased emotional awareness and resilience allowed her to handle new situations that occurred with a more positive approach.

This increased her confidence, generated new opportunities and started attracting the life she really wanted to live. This lead to her thinking, “If I am getting results like this, then I want to be able to share them with others.” So began her decades long, passionate career in mental performance and private coaching.

Dr. Christina Winsey D.C., C.A., B.S., M.T. & NLP CERTIFIED Coach

Dr. Chris is a Holistic Life Success Coach with a focus on NLP, health management and brain engineering. She is a chiropractic physician, entrepreneur, mother and a woman on a mission to touch and facilitate transformation in as many lives as possible.

She began her practice as a holistic health and life coach in 2003. Prior to coaching she practiced holistic health care since 1983 as a medical massage therapist. Her degrees include Medical Massage Therapist, Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) and Certified Addictionologist (C.A.). Her additional studies include a wide variety of mind-body-spirit wellness techniques: Reiki, Meridian therapy, Stress Management, Occupational Health & Safety, Take Action Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP certified), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Silva Mind Control, Hypnotherapy, meditation, mindfulness, applied Kinesiology, and Pranic Healing. She studied life coaching and executive coaching at the Coachville School of Coaching and is a graduate of the Leading Edge Teams 2-year A+ Leadership program.


PRAISE FOR CHRISTINA: I just want to say how much I love working with Dr. Chris Winsey! She is an awesome Holistic Coach! When I started working with her, I never imagined how much I could get done, not only in my personal life, but in my business life. As an entrepreneur, your personal goals and challenges weave into your business goals and challenges, and not every coach has the skill to make the difference in so many aspects of your life.

Dr. Chris has been there and done that, so as I work with her, we weave from personal goals to business goals, back to personal goals, and not only is my business growing and expanding, but I am improving and becoming more aligned into the person that I truly am. So, thank you so much, Dr. Chris, for your awesome work, and for helping me get to my business, personal and spiritual goals.

Christina H. | US

PRAISE FOR ANTHEA: Anthea is such a positive, genuine soul who really cares about the well-being of other people. I did a five-day course with Anthea and it was so inspiring. It has made me think about my past but more so my future which since completing the course has gone from strength to strength in every possible way. I would just like to take this time to thank my amazing coach Anthea Morphitis. I would highly recommend doing a course with Anthea. It could change your life too! Thanks again

Having an Anthea in your life will clear your mind and let you progress to the next chapter or level in your life she is absolutely an amazing spirit 😇👌

Marios K. | UK

PRAISE FOR CHRISTINA: I am more content today than I have ever been. This awareness has come to light in the midst of so much chaos in my life over the past few months, that I know, deeply, that it is real and meaningful.

I really want you to know that the work we have done together has made a significant difference in my life. I know that there will be new challenges and growth opportunities in the new year; however, your coaching, the tools, books and new ideas that you have given me mean so much, have been so impactful to me today and I know that I am better prepared for what ever is to come. Thank you for everything you brought to our private coaching relationship and for being such an amazing contributor to my life.

Sue L. | US

PRAISE FOR ANTHEA: From the depth of my heart meeting you on this platform I have learnt a lot more so on matters to show gratitude where it matters, all the time.

To begin with, the course was so enjoyable. The charisma, determination and confidence instilled from you to me through your course was amazing, you made such an impact in my life.

I would highly recommend you to other people, I am honestly saying this. I have already recommended you to two of my closest friends.

Michael K | Kenya

PRAISE FOR ANTHEA: Anthea is a very genuine, talented, knowledgeable warm individual, who really has people’s best interest at heart. Both men and women relate to her, she has inspired me so much on her course, as well as all the others also.

Her courses makes you think about your life and put everything in context. It will change your mindset, your ability to see your potential in being positive and very successful in all areas of your life, regardless of your past. You will think more positive and differently, and have a prosperous happy fulfilled life just simply from a different mindset. Thank you, Anthea!

Athena M. | UK

PRAISE FOR CHRISTINA: Chris is a coach's coach. Her wisdom and intuitive abilities, combined with her deep desire to really help, create the kind of space where real breakthroughs happen. She has helped me see myself in ways nobody else was able to, and helped me to find that growing edge over and over. I highly recommend her!!! :)

Derek R | US

PRAISE FOR ANTHEA: Anthea Morphitis thank you so much I have learnt so much. And this weekend was a true testament that it works I took my mum and my daughter away to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef/ Airlie Beach Australia. we live only 2hrs away from it, but, for a girls weekend, and we had an absolutely fantastic time and everything was on me they did not have to pay for a thing and I felt so fantastic doing it .. thank you so much for changing my mindset set 🥰🥰 -

Chevaughan D. | Australia

PRAISE FOR CHRISTINA: In October 2021 I experienced a traumatic event in my life which triggered my whole body shaking in panic. This response to unexpected events is common for me and I wanted to stop it.

Dr. Christina Winsey was instrumental in helping me work through it. She gave me tools and resources then coached me on how to apply them every step of the way.

I was pretty skeptical at first, but I’m seeing the results. Dr Winsey was very patient, she would ask me thought-provoking questions that helped me understand my triggers & where they were coming from.

Along the way I've had major breakthroughs and the energy has shifted dramatically which both of us have felt. Now my triggers still occur, however I have the power to stop, look at it objectively, and counsel myself through it to effectively deal with it without having my whole body going into a state of panic attack.

Her vast knowledge & skill enabled me to have the trust & confidence in her that I needed, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to work through any issues limiting their ability to thrive.

Tina M. | US

We could keep going but you've probably seen enough... Now it's your turn to take action. We can't help you until you join but once you do you get access to all of our resources to help you start living a fulfilled, aligned life. We can't wait to see you inside The Master Manifester's Path.